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Hi! I’m Aymeric Mortemousque Experienced software engineer curious about various computer science topics. I love learning and solving complex challenges. My favorite subjects are often around frontend development and user experiences. Thus, I’m often busy working on side projects to pick up new technologies or to help others. This is a collection of some of my recent side-projects.

Authentication server

Open source multi-tenant authentication and authorization server, managing clients, apis, users, permissions and roles. Contains a user friendly UI built with Angular material. This project was created to provide an open source alternative to a complex topic often expensive to solve.

Description image 1 Description image 1

Mondrian painting 2D and 3D

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Mondrian painting 2D and 3D screeshot

Recruitment platform

Les nouveaux héritiers is a french recruitment platform serving talents and employers. The website offers a fully animated and adaptive user interface. All components were wisely made taking care of mobile and laptop platform specific features.

Recruitment platform front page screeshot

Booking service, Domain de la Testa

Domain de le Testa is a camping in the est of Corse where my family used to come every summer. My cousin has taken over the business and I've offered him my services for the booking platform. Customer can check availabilities and book houses. The admin UI include booking calendar, rules, prices, taxes and customer relationship.

Booking service, Domain de la Testa page screeshot Booking service, Domain de la Testa page screeshot

Digital strategy for Espace Line

Espace Line is an event startup led by two co-founders. The company offers a mobile event space in a fully redesigned bus. The bus was made to reconnect online shops to their customers in a trendy physical place. In that context I participated on the startup digital strategy including targeting social communication platform, building and launching the website and the online eShop and setting up the point of sell and bank terminal solution.

Espace Line page screeshot Espace Line page screeshot